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L.A. Weatherly, also known as Lee Weatherly and Titania Woods, is an American author. She was born in 1967 and grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas in the USA. She lives with her husband in Hampshire, UK. She's written over fifty books for children and young adults, and is best known for her YA trilogy Angel. The first title in the series, "Angel", was published in 2010. The second, Angel Fire, came out in 2012; the final title in the series, Angel Fever, was published in 2013.

Weatherly also has written several novels for teenagers, including Child X, which was shortlisted for the Red House Children's Book Award.

Titania Woods, A.K.A Lee Weatherly, has written a famous series called Glitterwings Academy for 5–8-year olds. The collection contains 15 different, creative books in a sequence...

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