Kurt Loder

  Male      American      Critic

  Born : May 05, 1945  

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Kurt Loder (born May 5, 1945) is an American film critic, author, columnist, and television personality. He served in the 1980s as editor at Rolling Stone, during a tenure that Reason later called "legendary". He has contributed to articles in Reason, Esquire, Details, New York, and Time. He has also made cameos on several films and television series. Prior to Rolling Stone, Loder had worked for Circus magazine and had been drafted into the United States Army. He is currently best known for his role at MTV News and for appearing in other MTV-related television specials.

Loder was born in Ocean City, New Jersey. He graduated in 1963 from Ocean City High School in Ocean City. He spent two years in college "and just hated it". He was drafted into the United States Army and joined its journalism school.

oder stated that he "just fell into" his field, elaborating that his "entire journalism background is four weeks... That's it. Nothing else. You can learn journalism in four weeks. It's not an overcomplicated thing. It's very, very simple." He was in the military for three years...

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