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Keith began his Christian life as a layman in the oil exploration business. His first book, The Taste of New Wine, surprised everyone by quickly becoming a hot bestseller. It was honest, direct and loving in what appeared to be an almost completely zipped up denominational Christian world. In fact, some Christian book sellers kept the book “under the counter” (because it had the word “wine” in the title! No kidding!). But the book struck a chord somehow and over the years people as different as Billy Graham, President Jimmy Carter, George Gallup, Jr., Bob Schuller, M. Scott Peck, George Carey (recent Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury), Madam Chaing Kai-Shek, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and Ravi Zacharias, told us that The Taste of New Wine and subsequent books were very important to them.

The Taste of New Wine flashed across the English speaking world and was translated into 10 other languages*. Calls and letters flooded in from around the world with questions about trying to live the Christian faith. Keith wrote 23 more books (so far), each about different aspects of trying to live for God in everyday relationships in the midst of tremendous changes resulting from two wars, an explosion of new discoveries and technological advances, the transformation of world economies, and the influx of people from many other cultures...

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