Julius Sterling Morton

  Male      American      Scientist

  Born : Apr 22, 1832  -
  Died : Apr 27, 1902

About Author

Julius Sterling Morton (April 22, 1832 – April 27, 1902) was a Nebraska newspaper editor who served as President Grover Cleveland's Secretary of Agriculture. He was a prominent Bourbon Democrat, taking the conservative position on political, economic and social issues, and opposing agrarianism. In 1897 he started a weekly magazine entitled The Conservative.

Morton was born on April 22, 1832, in the town of Adams in Jefferson County, New York; his parents, Julius Dewey Morton and Emeline Sterling Morton, ran a general store. In 1834, his parents and his grandfather, Abner Morton, moved to Monroe, Michigan, south of Detroit on Lake Erie; there, Morton's grandfather and his paternal uncle Edward Morton operated a newspaper. When he was fourteen, Morton's parents sent him to Wesleyan Seminary in Albion, Michigan, about 100 miles (160 km) northwest of Monroe.

In 1850, Morton enrolled in the University of Michigan. In his junior year he attempted to launch a new periodical, the Peninsular Quarterly and University Magazine, which proved short-lived. He was an active member of the Chi Phi fraternity, and opposed an attempt by the faculty to discourage such secret societies...

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