Julia Phillips

  Female      American      Producer

  Born : Apr 07, 1944  -
  Died : Jan 01, 2002

About Author

Julia Phillips (April 7, 1944 – January 1, 2002) was an American film producer and author. She co-produced with her husband, Michael (and others), three prominent films of the 1970s — The Sting, Taxi Driver, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind — and was the first female producer to win an Academy Award for Best Picture.

In 1991, Phillips published an infamous tell-all memoir of her years as a Hollywood producer, entitled You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again, which became a bestseller.

Born Julia Miller to a Jewish family in New York City, the daughter of Tanya and Adolph Miller Her father was a chemical engineer who worked on the Atomic bomb project; her mother was a writer who became addicted to prescription drugs. She grew up in Brooklyn, Great Neck, New York, and Milwaukee. In 1965, she received a bachelor's degree in political science from Mount Holyoke College and in 1966, she married Michael Phillips. After school, she worked as book section editor at the Ladies Home Journal and then as a story editor for Paramount Pictures. In 1971, after her husband had an unsuccessful career as a stockbroker, the couple moved to California where her husband wanted to get into film production. His first production was the 1973 film Steelyard Blues with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland...

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