Judith Rossner

  Female      American      Novelist

  Born : Mar 31, 1935  -
  Died : Aug 09, 2005

About Author

Judith Perelman Rossner (March 31, 1935 – August 9, 2005) was an American novelist, best known for her 1975 novel Looking for Mr. Goodbar. It was inspired by the murder of Roseann Quinn and examined the underside of the 1970s sexual liberation movement. This was her bestselling work, and it was adapted as a film of the same name, starring Diane Keaton. Rossner published other novels, set in both contemporary and historical times. Her most successful post-Goodbar novel was 1983's August, about the relationship between a troubled young woman in New York and her psychoanalyst with emotional troubles of her own.

Judith Perelman was born on March 31, 1935 in New York City into a Jewish family. Her mother was a schoolteacher and her father was a textile worker. Perelman was raised in the Bronx. Her mother committed suicide and her father was alcoholic. Perelman attended public schools.

She dropped out of the City College of New York (now the City University of New York) to marry Robert Rossner, a teacher and writer. He is best known as a mystery novelist under the pen name Ivan T. Ross. The couple had two children, Daniel and Jean, and later divorced. Judith Rossner married twice more. She had no other children.

Judith Rossner worked as a secretary in a real estate business to support herself. She also wrote short stories and tried to sell them to women's magazines, but was unsuccessful...

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