Joseph Sobran

  Male      American      Journalist

  Born : Feb 23, 1946  -
  Died : Sep 30, 2010

About Author

Michael Joseph "Joe" Sobran, Jr. (February 23, 1946 – September 30, 2010) was an American journalist and writer, formerly with National Review magazine and a syndicated columnist. Pundit and three-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan called Sobran "perhaps the finest columnist of our generation".

Sobran was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University in his native Ypsilanti and received a Bachelor of Arts in English. He studied for a graduate degree in English, with a concentration on Shakespearean studies, following his graduation. In the late 1960s, Sobran lectured on Shakespeare and English on a fellowship with the university.

In 1972, Sobran began working at National Review. During the 1970s, he frequently used the byline M. J. Sobran. He stayed 21 years, 18 as senior editor, before being removed from the publication amidst controversial charges of anti-semitism. Aside from his work at National Review, Sobran spent 21 years as a commentator on the CBS Radio Spectrum program series and was a syndicated columnist, first with the Los Angeles Times, and later with the Universal Press Syndicate. In 2007, he discontinued circulation of his newsletter by mail...

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