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  Born : Jul 25, 1981  

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Jonah Lehrer (born Jonah Richard, June 25, 1981) is an American writer and speaker, once widely sought-after, who had major published works recalled for irregularities in their intellectual content. Lehrer received Columbia University neuroscience training and did graduate humanities coursework (Rhodes Scholar, Wolfson College, Oxford), and thereafter built a rapidly successful book, magazine, and new media career that integrated science and humanities content to address broad aspects of human behaviour. Having been contracted to write for The New Yorker and Wired.com (until 2013), Lehrer was discovered to have routinely recycled his earlier work, plagiarised press releases, and misused quotes and facts. His third book, Imagine: How Creativity Works (2012), was the starting point of scrutiny, when quotes attributed to Bob Dylan were discovered to be fabrications. His earlier book, How We Decide (2009) was recalled after a subsequent publisher's internal review found significant problems in that material as well. After offering public apologies that were variously received, Lehrer withdrew from high-profile writing and speaking. In 2014 he began to post blogs on scientific subjects on his website.

Jonah Richard Lehrer was born on June 25, 1981, in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. His mother, Ariella (born Jean Hively), a developer of educational software, converted to Judaism to marry his father, David Lehrer, a civil rights lawyer.

Lehrer graduated from North Hollywood High School. When he was 15, he won $1,000 in an essay contest run by NASDAQ. In 2000, he worked as a line chef in 2000 at the Midtown Manhattan restaurants Le Cirque and Le Bernardin...

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