Jon Katz

  Male      American      Journalist

  Born : Aug 08, 1947  

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Jon Katz (born August 8, 1947) is an American journalist, author, and photographer. He was a contributor to the online magazine HotWired, the technology website Slashdot, and the online news magazine Slate. In his early career as an author he wrote a series of crime novels and books on geek subculture.[clarification needed] More recent works focus on the relationship between humans and animals.

Katz initially worked as a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe and The Washington Post, and later as of the CBS Morning News. His media criticism, columns and book reviews appeared in such periodicals as Rolling Stone and New York (he was a contributing editor to both magazines), Wired, GQ, and The New York Times.

Expressing "disenchantment with the world of old media", he joined the now defunct HotWired, the online version of Wired magazine, to which he contributed articles on technology, culture and the media.

In 1999, Katz left HotWired to join Slashdot. Many of his contributions to Slashdot were focused on the youth subculture of geeks and social misfits.

Katz has written several novels as well as non-fiction works which cover topics ranging from geek culture to people's evolving relationship with animals. He wrote a successful series of mystery novels centered around the character Kit DeLeeuw, a former Wall Street financier turned private investigator, based in the fictional Rochambeau, New Jersey. His more recent work explores his own relationship with his dogs (and other animals) on his farm in upstate New York and broader issues of animals' place—both physically and emotionally—in the modern world...

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