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John Tillotson (October 1630 – 22 November 1694) was the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury from 1691 to 1694.

Tillotson was the son of a Puritan clothier at Haughend, Sowerby, Yorkshire. Little is known as to his infancy and boyhood, but it would seem that one day, about the year 1640, his mother, who had married a tailor at Sowerby Bridge, brought her little son over to Colne, for the double purpose of change of air and scenery and receiving his first lessons within the walls of its Grammar School. Doubtless, too, as he had relatives in Pendle Forest, she would wish him to be near them, for the lad was liable to fainting fits, and of a somewhat weakly constitution. The nature and duration of his studies here are alike forgotten. He entered as a pensioner of Clare Hall, Cambridge, in 1647, where his tutor was David Clarkson. He graduated in 1650 and was made fellow of his college in 1651...

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