John Metcalf

  Male      Canadian      Writer

  Born : Nov 12, 1938  

About Author

John Metcalf, CM (born 12 November 1938) is a Canadian writer, editor and critic.

Metcalf was born in Carlisle, England on 12 November 1938. His father, Thomas Metcalf, was a clergyman and his mother, Gladys Moore Metcalf, was a teacher. Metcalf immigrated to Canada in 1962 at the age of 24. It was in Canada that he began to write. In 1975 he married Myrna Teitlebaum and now lives with her in Ottawa.

He has made extensive contributions to Canadian literature through editing, teaching various educational levels across Canada, critiquing other writers, compiling anthologies and publishing and promoting Canadian writers. He is a ``storyteller, editor, novelist, essayist, critic``, and is known for his satires of Canadian life and academia. His writing is rich in intense emotion invoking imagery, which he draws from his experiences as an educator in Canada. John Metcalf is seen as an authority in his field by many.

Metcalf gained an Honours Bachelor of Arts and a Certificate in Education from the University of Bristol, prior to his immigration to Canada...

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