John Gordon Sinclair

  Male      Scottish      Actor

  Born : Feb 04, 1962  

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John Gordon Sinclair (born 4 February 1962) is a Scottish actor most notable for playing Gregory in Gregory's Girl. He was born as Gordon John but took the stage name 'John Gordon Sinclair' because Equity already had a Gordon John registered.

Sinclair was born in Glasgow. At 15 he joined Glasgow's Youth Theatre after he visited one night and met fellow fan of Canadian progressive rock group Rush, Robert Buchanan. As a result he starred in a number of films by director Bill Forsyth, perhaps the most notable of which is 1981's Gregory's Girl, shot when he was 19 years old. He reprised the role nearly two decades later in Gregory's Two Girls, and also appeared in Forsyth's Local Hero (1983). His other film roles included appearances in Britannia Hospital (1982), The Girl in the Picture (1985), and Erik the Viking (1989).

He has continued to act on stage and screen. Other roles include parts in Goodbye Mr Steadman, Mad About Alice and Roman Road. He was also in the first series of LWT's Hot Metal and both the radio and television sitcom An Actor's Life For Me. He played Dan Weir in Espedair Street, the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of the Iain Banks novel, as well as playing the lead part of Dr. Finlay in the Radio 4 series entitled Adventures of a Black Bag...

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