John G Schmitz

  Male      American      Politician

  Born : Aug 12, 1930  -
  Died : Jan 10, 2001

About Author

John George Schmitz (August 12, 1930 – January 10, 2001) was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives and California State Senate from Orange County, California. He was also a member of the John Birch Society. In 1972 he was the American Independent Party candidate for President of the United States, later known as the American Party.

Schmitz was notable for his extreme right-wing sympathies. By one measure, he was found to be the third most conservative member of Congress between 1937 and 2002, and the ultra-conservative John Birch Society, of which Schmitz was a longtime leader, later expelled him for extremist rhetoric.

On October 25, 1971 Schmitz composed an introduction to the highly controversial book None Dare Call it Conspiracy written by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham...

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