Joe Vitale

  Male      American      Author

  Born : Dec 29, 1953  

About Author

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of far too many books to mention here. Here are just a few of them:
He wrote the bestseller, The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) from the inside out. It became a #1 bestseller twice, even beating the latest Harry Potter book. He also wrote the #1 bestseller.Lifes Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth.

Besides all of his books, Joe also recorded the #1 best-selling Nightingale-Conant audio program, The Power of Outrageous Marketing. Joes marketing methods have made people millionaires. Hes been involved with every aspect of marketing, from traditional direct mail to publicity to infomercials.

Hes being called The Buddha of the Internet and, after his huge weight loss, The Charles Atlas of the Internet. Joe is looking for his first GRAND Champion in his 2006 2007 fitness contest. If you want a marketing champion to train you and market your business sign up at: www.yourbusinessbody.com

Joe is also one of the stars in the hit movie The Secret (www.whatisthesecret.tv ). He was recently seen on Larry King Live on November 16, 2006 and March 8, 2007. On March 6, 2007, Joe was interviewed on ExtraTV to talk about Hollywood's Latest Craze: 'The Secret' He was also featured in Newsweeks March 5, 2007 issue, story titled: Decoding The Secret...

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