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  Born : Apr 06, 1963  

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Jochen Zeitz was born on April 6, 1963 in Mannheim, Germany, He is the Director and Chairman of the board’s sustainable development committee of Kering after having been the CEO of the Sport & Lifestyle division and Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of Kering since 2010. Prior to this, Zeitz served 18 years as Chairman and CEO at Puma.

Zeitz has been a member of the Board of Directors of Harley-Davidson since 2007 and also chairs Harley-Davidson’s sustainability committee. He is a Board member of Wilderness Safaris and Chair of the Sustainability Committee, and serves as a member of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Advisory Board. He is a co-founder and co-chair with Sir Richard Branson of The B Team.

Zeitz began his professional career with Colgate-Palmolive in New York and Hamburg. Zeitz joined PUMA in 1990 and in 1993 was appointed Chairman and CEO becoming the youngest CEO in German history to head a public company at the age of 30. Zeitz then spearheaded the worldwide restructuring of PUMA, which was in financial difficulties at the time, and implemented a long-term development plan that saw PUMA’s share price gain around 4000 percent in 13 years, from 8.6 Euros in his first year as CEO to an all-time high of 350 Euros when the majority stake of the company was acquired by Kering in 2007. Zeitz managed to turn PUMA from a low priced, undesirable brand into one of the top 3 brands in the sporting good industry.

In 2008 Zeitz introduced PUMAVision, an ethical framework defined by the four key principles of being Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative as applied to all professional behavior, business procedures and relationships throughout and outside of PUMA. Zeitz conceived the Environmental Profit & Loss Account (E P&L) and coined the term and in May 2011 he announced PUMA’s Environmental Profit & Loss Account that puts a monetary value to a businesses use of ecosystem services across the entire supply chain. In October 2010, Zeitz was appointed Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) at Kering and soon after launched PPR HOME, a new and holistic sustainability initiative across the global brands of the Group that operates four interconnected strands of Leadership, Ecology, Humanity and Creativity...

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