Jim Imes

  Male      American      Unknown

  Born : Mar 11, 1951  

About Author

Jim Imes is author of The Learnings of a Lifetime. Jim Imes was born in Boise, Idaho, on March 11, 1951. He was raised during his formative years in Ventura, California. Jim Imes currently resides in Henderson, Nevada. Jim Imes likes to write material relevant to helping and teaching people about life.

Jim Imes graduated from Buena High School in Ventura and went to Ventura Junior College and the school of hard knocks. Jim Imes was a very successful Ford/Lincoln Mercury parts manager for thirty years. His experiences in life are transcribed in this book as useful short quips written with honesty and integrity and as very useful material on life, religion, politics, manners, and etiquette...

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