Jerry Only

  Male      American      Musician

  Born : Apr 21, 1959  

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Jerry Only (born Gerard Caiafa, Jr. on April 21, 1959) is an American musician, well known as the bassist for the Misfits and later the vocalist as well. He is credited with creating the infamous hair style known as the devilock.

Gerard Caiafa, Jr. was born in Lodi, New Jersey. He joined Misfits in 1977, just a few months after receiving his first bass as a late Christmas present. He would work at his father's factory during the week to help finance the band and play shows on the weekend. This would go on for several years and the band split due to differences between lead singer Glenn Danzig and the rest of the band. During this downtime, Only and his brother Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (the guitarist for the Misfits) formed Kryst The Conqueror. In 1995, Only settled a legal battle out of court with co-founder Glenn Danzig, allowing him rights to the Misfits' name on a performing level, while they split the money on merchandising. He reformed the band with Doyle (who played guitar from 1980 to 1983), vocalist Michale Graves, and drummer Dr. Chud...

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