Jeremy Miller

  Male      American      Actor

  Born : Oct 21, 1976  

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Jeremy James Miller (born October 21, 1976) is an American actor and singer best known for his portrayal of Ben Seaver on Growing Pains and its two reunion movies. He also voiced Linus van Pelt in Happy New Year, Charlie Brown along with Chad Allen.

Miller was cast in a few commercials, then a 1984 guest role in Punky Brewster before landing the role of Ben Seaver, the youngest son on Growing Pains. Miller was supposed to be a part of the cast of the PBS show Ghostwriter. The creator wanted to make him a mentor to the younger Ghostwriter members, but the producers decided it wasn't a good idea for the show to have an older ghostwriter team member and Miller was not invited back after shooting the pilot. Since there was room for one more character in the show's budget he was replaced by Todd Alexander's character Rob. As an actor, probably his most recognizable trademark is the "Ben Seaver Scream," which can be heard and seen in any number of Growing Pains episodes and during the closing credits of the movie Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.

After Growing Pains, he appeared in the film Milk and Fashion, in commercials for McDonald's "Dollar Menunaires" promotion shot as a parody of the VH1 series Best Week Ever, and as the star of the 1990 Hanukah episode of Shalom Sesame (an Israeli version of Sesame Street). He has also been spotted in Boys and Girls Guide To Getting Down. He appeared in a special celebrity team-up episode of Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?; he and his partner got through to the bonus round in the end (but failed to win the big prize). In the Family Guy episode "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven", he appears and tries to convince the other characters to buy him a case of Sudafed, but an animated version of his TV dad Alan Thicke appears, with his neck bobbling rapidly. He tells his son "Be-en! What have I told you about trading sexual favors for Sudafed?" He can be seen in four movies in 2009: Ditching Party, Never Have I Ever, The Fish and Tar Beach...

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