Jeff Tweedy

  Male      American      Musician

  Born : Aug 25, 1967  

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Jeffrey Scot "Jeff" Tweedy (born August 25, 1967) is an American songwriter, musician, and record producer best known as the leader of the band Wilco.

Tweedy was born in Belleville, Illinois, on August 25, 1967, the fourth child of Bob and JoAnn Tweedy (née Werkmeister). Bob Tweedy worked at Alton & Southern Railroad in East St. Louis while Jo Ann was a kitchen designer.[1]:11–15 Tweedy siblings are an older brother, Greg Tweedy, who died in 2013, brother Steven Tweedy, and sister Debbie Voll.

Tweedy's mother bought Tweedy his first guitar at age six, although he did not begin to play it seriously until he was twelve. Apparently Tweedy told people that he knew how to play the guitar once he got his first guitar, even though he couldn't. When he was twelve, Tweedy was injured in a bicycle accident and was put up for the summer. He decided to learn how to play a few chords before somebody "called him out" on the lie. In 1981, when Tweedy was fourteen years old, he befriended Jay Farrar in an English class at Belleville Township High School West.[1]:10 All of the members of Farrar's family enjoyed playing music, so Farrar already had knowledge of the musical elements of rock and roll. By this time, Tweedy was a fan of The Ramones and country music while Farrar enjoyed The Sex Pistols...

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