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Jane Poynter is a Biosphere 2 crewmember, author, TV host and company President and CEO. She was born in Britain.

Poynter is currently Chief Executive Officer of World View Enterprises Inc., which will be taking Voyagers to the edge of space in a capsule using a high-altitude balloon. World View Experience as well as offering new opportunities for research and education pursuits.

Poynter was a founder of Paragon Space Development Corporation, which develops technologies for extreme environments (like outer space and under water). While inside Biosphere 2, she co-founded the firm with fellow biospherian, Taber MacCallum, whom she later married, Grant Anderson, Paragon's President and CEO and several other aerospace engineers. In 2009 the National Association for Female Executives awarded Jane its Entrepreneur of the Year award. Jane is named as co-inventor on a patented experiment self-sustaining habitats flown on the International Space Station, the Russian Mir Space Station, and the U.S. Space Shuttle...

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