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  Born : Jan 30, 1984  

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Jamail Larkins was born in January 30, 1984. He grew up in Augusta, Georgia with his parents, Sylvester and Renetha Larkins. Jamail was an honor student at Evans High School in Augusta, Georgia, and received numerous awards for academic achievement. Along the way, he attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he received a BBA.

However, it was what happened before he graduated from high school that changed the direction of his life. At the age of 12, he took his first flight through the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles Program and he became fanatic about flying.

Falling in love at first flight, Jamail decided he would do whatever it took to continue flying, including petitioning the FAA to let him fly solo at the age of 13. He didn’t get the answer he was looking for, so he headed to Canada where the minimum age requirement was only 14. It was there he became one of the youngest pilots to solo a powered aircraft in Canada.

A few years later at the age of 16, Jamail became the National Spokesman of the Experimental Aircraft Association “Vision of Eagles Program,” a youth education initiative of the association’s Aviation Foundation. In this role, Jamail was able to use his passion to promote the career possibilities available to aviation enthusiasts, young and old alike.

With this newfound status and exposure, Jamail was afforded many unique opportunities. That included becoming the first and youngest student pilot to solo in a Cirrus SR20, a revolutionary certified, single-engine aircraft with a built-in parachute.

Spreading his wings, Jamail branched out into aerobatic flying at the age of 18. Loving the creativity and freedom this allowed him, he became one of the youngest air show aerobatic performers in the U.S.

Jamail realized quickly in order to fund his passion for flight; he needed a plan to make more money than the average teenager. To do so, at the age of 15, he founded his first company - Larkins Enterprises, Inc., an aviation sales & advertising company. Since its first inception, Jamail has transformed Larkins Enterprises into two successful business units, particularly Ascension Aviation in Atlanta, Georgia. Ascension is an aircraft sales & leasing company and an aviation consulting firm. Collectively, Jamail’s companies have generated over $7.5 Million in annual sales.

In 2002, at 18, Jamail became the National Spokesman for Careers in Aviation, a non-profit organization that promotes and provides aviation opportunities to young people. Because of his passion for flying, ability to connect with youth and his role with Careers in Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the top aviation school in the country, recruited Jamail to bring attention to the exciting yet declining industry of aviation.

Together they founded the “Dream Launch Tour,” a national tour designed to educate students about career opportunities in aviation and to motivate students to reach for their dreams...

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