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Ishan Vyas has been doing computer programming pretty much since 3rd grade but got super interested in web designing when he found a book in his school library on how to build a website. When he was in 9th grade he figured out that he could register a domain for Rs. 200 and can then become a domain reseller for around 1800. That was when Ishan was so fascinated with this plan and decided to go ahead with it. Here’s the story of a young lad changing the game.

Ishan thought it was the right time for him to kick-start with his work with social media marketing, which did not bag him enough clients initially, and he eventually went off with international marketing, which led him to earn money in dollars. He was also offered a position in an SEO company started by his friend, which he later had to leave because of his 12th board exams.

Ishan says that college is not actually the place where he could learn anything so he moved on to working with a lot of startups in Bangalore, which actually taught him a lot of things about startups, how to scale up businesses and this also helped him in make a lot of connections. “By the time I graduated, I was more excited to do something new and realized there is a loop-hole in the startup ecosystem. There are a lot of people who want a website to be built, which in my mind was a wrong prospective. They should be focusing on building the business and not just worrying about websites. I planned to solve that problem by starting up Aspricot, and the core focus was to work with people who want to build digital business.”..

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