Isaac Stern

  Male      Ukrainian      Musician

  Born : Jul 21, 1920  -
  Died : Sep 22, 2001

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Isaac Stern (21 July 1920 – 22 September 2001) was a Ukrainian violinist and conductor.

Stern toured the Soviet Union in 1951, the first American violinist to do so. In 1967, Stern stated his refusal to return to the USSR until the Soviet regime allowed artists to enter and leave the country freely. His only visit to Germany was in 1999, for a series of master classes, but he never performed publicly in Germany.

Stern was married three times. His first marriage, in 1948 to ballerina Nora Kaye, ended in divorce after 18 months, but the two of them subsequently remained friends. On 17 August 1951, he married Vera Lindenblit. They had three children together, including the conductor Michael Stern. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1994 after 43 years. In 1996, Stern married his third wife, Linda Reynolds. His third wife, his three children, and five grandchildren survived him...

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