Ian Watson

  Male      British      Writer

  Born : Apr 20, 1943  

About Author

Ian Watson (born 20 April 1943) is a British science fiction writer. He lives in Gijón, Spain.

In 1959 Watson worked as an accounts clerk at Runciman's, a Newcastle shipping company. The experience was not particularly satisfying.

Watson graduated in English Literature from Balliol College, Oxford, in 1963; in 1965 he earned a research degree in English and French 19th-century literature.

Watson lectured English in Tanzania (1965–67) and Tokyo (1967–70), and taught Future Studies at the Birmingham Polytechnic from 1970 to 1976. After 1976 he devoted himself to his career as a professional writer.

His first novel, The Embedding, winner of the Prix Apollo in 1975, is unusual for being based on ideas from generative grammar; the title refers to the process of center embedding. A prolific writer, he has also written the novels Miracle Visitors, God's World, The Jonah Kit and The Flies of Memory and many collections of short stories. Watson is credited as author of the screen story for the motion picture A.I. Artificial Intelligence...

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