Hjalmar Schacht

  Male      German      Economist

  Born : Jan 22, 1877  -
  Died : Jun 03, 1970

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Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht (22 January 1877 – 3 June 1970) was a German economist, banker, liberal politician, and co-founder in 1918 of the German Democratic Party. He served as the Currency Commissioner and President of the Reichsbank under the Weimar Republic. He was a fierce critic of his country's post-World War I reparation obligations.

He became a supporter of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, and served in Hitler's government as President of the Reichsbank (1933-1939) and Minister of Economics (August 1934 - November 1937). As such, Schacht played a key role in implementing the policies attributed to Hitler.[2]

Since he opposed the policy of German re-armament spearheaded by Hitler and other prominent Nazis, Schacht was first sidelined and then forced out of the Third Reich government beginning in December 1937;[3] therefore he had no role during World War II. He became a fringe member of the German Resistance to Hitler and was imprisoned by the Nazis after the 20 July 1944 plot. After the war, he was tried at Nuremberg and acquitted.

In 1953, he founded a private banking house in Düsseldorf. He also advised developing countries on economic development...

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