Henry Taylor

  Male      English      Dramatist

  Born : Oct 18, 1800  -
  Died : Mar 27, 1886

About Author

Sir Henry Taylor (18 October 1800 – 27 March 1886) was an English dramatist and poet, official, and well-connected man of letters.

Taylor was born on 18 October 1800 in Bishop Middleham, the third son of George Taylor and Eleanor Ashworth. His mother died when he was an infant. His father married Jane Mills in 1818, and the family then moved to Witton-le-Wear.

George Taylor's friend Charles Arbuthnot found positions in London for Henry Taylor and George, one of his older brothers. They went to London in 1817 with the second brother, William, a medical student, but soon afterwards they all caught typhus fever. William and George died in a fortnight. Henry Taylor then took up post in Barbados.

Taylor's place was abolished in 1820, and he returned to his father's house...

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