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Helene Lerner has been addressing the interests of contemporary women. As a prolific author, independent public television host, Emmy Award-winning executive producer and workplace consultant, she covers a wide array of women's issues, such as calculated risk-taking, reinvention, breaking barriers, work-life balance, relationships and self-esteem. Since 1994, she has produced and hosted more than twenty televised specials under the umbrella of Creative Expansions, Inc. She received American Public Television's "MVP" award for her outstanding contributions to public television. Her professional career began as a teacher in the New York City public school system. Using her innate business instincts, she later pursued a career in sales and marketing during the 1980s, working her way up through the ranks of a national newspaper.

In addition to her published books and television specials, Helene maintains a private practice coaching individuals and groups, providing tools to increase their sense of individual empowerment. She also advises corporations and community groups on leadership and diversity issues, and delivers keynotes on a variety of related topics. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Helene holds an MBA from Pace College and a Masters in Education from City College in New York City, where she currently resides.

Helene is the founder of WomenWorking.com, one of the premier websites for career women. With exclusive features (http://www.womenworking.com/Features), resources, a multi-media blog (http://www.womenworking.com/blog), and a monthly career coach who interacts with visitors, WomenWorking.com offers inspiration to loyal followers. The website has a robust social media presence, where Helene offers inspiration and advice to loyal followers...

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