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Harshad Lahoti is an entrepreneur. He made his beginnings as a Management Executive with Larsen & Toubro, where he was assessed to be a high level performer and selected for their esteemed Management Leadership Program. His passion for finance, however, called him to move on to creating his own investment advisory and wealth management company Intercontinental Investments (2005), followed by Excelman India (2006). Further, with his interest in investment banking and desire to help early-stage ventures, Harshad founded ah! Ventures (2009) and CLUB ah! network (2012). In the past 10 years, Harshad has grown his ventures into reputed, self-sufficient businesses that fuel their own growth.

While his investment banking knowledge gives him an edge in evaluating businesses and investment opportunities, it is his extensive experience in creating super specialised, highly motivated teams and lean, optimised workflows and processes that Harshad is known best for. Harshad is known to be an astute problem solver and brilliant negotiator with the ability to think on his feet, while being meticulous and detailed in everything he undertakes. Among other things, he brings to the table the ability to create and build brands and bring about winning partnerships capable of handling whatever curveball the market throws at them...

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