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Harsh Snehanshu is the bestselling author of four books, comprising the Kanav-Tanya trilogy and Because Shit Happened. He is currently associated with the world’s largest publishing house, Random House.

His first novel “Oops! ‘I’ fell in love!” (2009) has sold over 75000 copies till date and is recognized in Nielsen’s top 250 Indian books by sales. His second book, first Indian book with a crowdsourced title, “Ouch! That ‘hearts’..” which arrived on the stands in Aug, 2011 is a national bestseller. His third book “She is single, I’m taken… And we’re committed” came out in mid-Aug 2012, which completed the Kanav-Tanya trilogy and it had garnered favorable reviews. He has also contributed 10 stories to the popular ‘Chicken Soup series.’

In May 2011, he completed his B.tech in Engineering Physics from IIT Delhi. He published a research paper in one of the most prestigious journals of Optics during his internship at the University of Glasgow in UK.

He also co-founded thewittyshit.com – a creative networking and crowdsourcing portal – in June 2010, while still in his fourth year at IIT. He was enlisted in the Top 10 Hottest Young Entrepreneurs for 2010 by Businessworld and was one of finalists at Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2011...

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