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Hannah Bronfman (born 1988) is a DJ, model, and entrepreneur from Manhattan. She is the co-founder of Beautified, a mobile app for finding last-minute beauty services. Bronfman is also an investor in multiple restaurants, including Hotel Griffou and Acme.

In 2012, Bronfman co-founded Beautified, a mobile app that allows users to secure last-minute beauty services such as salon, spa, and gym bookings. The app originally covered only New York City, but it expanded to Los Angeles and San Francisco in August 2014. Beautified's expansion coincided with an announcement that it had raised $1.2 million in seed funding.

She was featured in the fashion documentary This is My Reality in 2013.[11][12]

She was a featured model at DKNY's Fall 2014 Fashion Show and walked the runway. It was her first appearance on a runway.

She a member of the Lehman family via her paternal grandmother, Ann Loeb Bronfma..

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