Guy L Steele Jr

  Male      American      Scientist

  Born : Sep 02, 1954  

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Guy Lewis Steele, Jr., /ˈstiːl/ is an American computer scientist who has played an important role in designing and documenting several computer programming languages.

Steele was born in Missouri and graduated from the Boston Latin School in 1972. He received a BA in applied mathematics from Harvard (1975) and an MS and Ph.D. from MIT in Computer Science (1977, 1980). He then worked as an assistant professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and a compiler implementer at Tartan Laboratories. Then he joined the supercomputer company Thinking Machines, where he helped define and promote a parallel version of Lisp called *Lisp (Star Lisp) and a parallel version of C called C*.

In 1994, Steele joined Sun Microsystems and was invited by Bill Joy to become a member of the Java team after the language had been designed, since he had a track record of writing good specifications for existing languages.[citation needed] He was named a Sun Fellow in 2003...

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