Gunnar Ardelius

  Male      Swedish      Writer

  Born : May 23, 1981  

About Author

Lars Gunnar Ardelius, born 23 May 1981, is a Swedish writer and translator. Ardelius grew up near Brunnsviken in Bergshamra, Solna Municipality. At university he studied litteraturveteniskapoch Press science. He has also studied at the Bishop-Arno skrivarlinje.

In March 2006, he debuted with youth book I need you more than I love you and I love you so very much. It was also translated into several languages, including English, French and German. The same year, it also became nominated for the August Prize and was awarded the slingshot. The novel was adapted for the screen as a short film in 2012, directed by Maria Eng.

The debut was followed by When you close your eyes, I look in 2007, and only love can break your heart in 2010. The latter is a sequel to I need you more than I love you and I love you so very much.

Ardelius debuted as an adult novelist with freedom brought us here in 2012. The novel was nominated for the magazine Vi's Literature Prize 2012 for its "quietly and with great poignancy depicts Gunnar Ardelius an intensely human drama that revolves around proximity, distance and power." Since 2012 Ardelius chairman of the Swedish Writers 'Union. In September 2014 appeared Ardelius' fifth book, want you so bad...

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