Gloria Trevi

  Female      Mexican      Musician

  Born : Feb 15, 1968  

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Gloria Trevi (February 15, 1968) is a Mexican pop-rock singer-songwriter. Called the "Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop" by the music channel VH1, Trevi has sold more than 20 million records.

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, Gloria Trevi left Monterrey at the age of twelve to pursue a career in Mexico City, where she met her future manager, Sergio Andrade. She had earlier sung and danced on the streets for spare change, taught aerobics, and served quesadillas at a food stand.

In 1985, Trevi was a member of a short-lived girl group named Boquitas Pintadas. After the group broke up in 1988, she approached Sergio Andrade for the production of her first solo album, ¿Qué Hago Aquí? ("What am I doing Here?"), was released in 1989 and scored a number one hit, Dr. Psiquiatra. Though often styled as Madonna of Mexico, she was hardly just very sexually provocative, she was using her music and videos as a vehicle for gutsy taboo busting political activism in a Mexico where impunity of the powerful was well understood, her lyrics dealt squarely with religion, homelessness, prostitution, drug trafficking, drug overdose, hunger, the upper class, war deaths, and violence against women. Trevi ruffled many feathers and found many enemies...

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