Gail Porter

  Female      Scottish      Celebrity

  Born : Mar 23, 1971  

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Gail Porter (born 23 March 1971 in Edinburgh) is a Scottish television presenter and former model. In the 1990s she became known for photos in men's magazines such as FHM, including one nude which was projected on to the Houses of Parliament. She moved into television, becoming a presenter on British TV. Her modelling was affected by alopecia, which can sometimes result in an almost total loss of her hair.

Porter attended Portobello High School. She studied for a BTEC HND in media production at West Herts College. After making an unsuccessful bid to join the presentation team of the BBC children's show Blue Peter, she has presented family-friendly television programmes, or ones aimed at children. They include The Movie Chart Show, Top of the Pops, and Live & Kicking, work for CITV, and programmes such as The Big Breakfast and Gail Porter's Big 90s for VH1.

In the late 1990s she began to pose for magazines such as FHM. A picture of her naked from behind was projected on the Houses of Parliament in 1999. FHM and the guerrilla marketing company, Cunning Communications, and projectionist-artist Malcolm Litson and Jason Bridges, accompanied it with a message to vote for her in the FHM Sexiest Women Poll. In her autobiography, Porter says she did not know about the stunt until it was reported the following day...

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