Francisco De Quevedo

  Male      Spanish      Writer

  Born : Sep 14, 1580  -
  Died : Sep 08, 1645

About Author

Francisco Gomez de Quevedo y Santibanez Villegas (Spanish pronunciation; 14 September 1580 – 8 September 1645) was a Spanish nobleman, politician and writer of the Baroque era. Along with his lifelong rival, Luis de Góngora, Quevedo was one of the most prominent Spanish poets of the age. His style is characterized by what was called conceptismo. This style existed in stark contrast to Góngora's culteranismo.

Quevedo was born in Madrid into a family of hidalgos[2] from the village of Vejoris, located in the northern mountainous region of Cantabria. His family was descended from the Castilian nobility.

Quevedo's father, Francisco Gomez de Quevedo, was secretary to Maria of Spain, daughter of emperor Charles V and wife of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor, and his mother, Madrid-born María de Santibáñez, was lady-in-waiting to the queen...

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