F R Scott

  Male      Canadian      Poet

  Born : Aug 01, 1899  -
  Died : Jan 30, 1985

About Author

Francis Reginald Scott, CC, commonly known as Frank Scott or F. R. Scott (August 1, 1899 – January 30, 1985), was a Canadian poet, intellectual and constitutional expert. He helped found the first Canadian social democratic party, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, and its successor, the New Democratic Party. He won Canada's top literary prize, the Governor General's Award, twice, once for poetry and once for non-fiction. He was married to artist Marian Dale Scott.

Scott was born in Quebec City, the sixth of seven children. His father was Frederick George Scott, "an Anglican priest, minor poet and staunch advocate of the civilizing tradition of imperial Britain, who instilled in his son a commitment to serve mankind, a love for the regenerative balance of the Laurentian landscape and a firm respect for the social order." He witnessed the riots in the City during the Conscription Crisis of 1917...

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