Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

  Male      Belgian      Dramatist

  Born : Mar 28, 1960  

About Author

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (born 28 March 1960) is a French and Belgian dramatist, novelist, fiction writer and film director. His plays have been staged in over fifty countries all over the world.

Schmitt studied at the Lycée du Parc in Lyon, France and École normale supérieure in Paris (1980–1985), where he received a doctorate in philosophy. The title of his dissertation was "Diderot et la métaphysique" (Diderot and Metaphysics). He spent three years teaching in Cherbourg and at the University of Chambéry.

He is of Alsatian extraction. Growing up under the influence of his parents' atheist outlook, he eventually professed himself a Christian after years of being an agnostic.

He has lived in Brussels since 2002 and obtained Belgian citizenship in 2008...

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