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Ellis is an author, editor, and speaker.As a child in the South, Ellis spent long, hot days imagining herself an Indian or pioneer or musketeer. At night she (and her whole family) read. From Tarzan and D’Artagnan to Anne Shirley and Nancy Drew, she lived them all. No angst in her childhood. So what did she do as an adult? Write fiction, what else? She loves creating characters and making them do what she wants, but mostly they take off on their own and leave her hurrying to catch up.

All her stories have some degree of romance and a lot of suspense. For those who care, they also have adult language and situations.

Time of Death, a suspense novel about a psychic artist who sees too much, was released in November. And before that, Cold Comfort, her new romantic suspense. Her first book, published by Silver Dagger Mysteries, was Haunting Refrain. The second was The Peeper, a suspense novel co-authored with retired LEO Jim Christopher. (He's a terrific storyteller!)

She grew up in North Alabama, studied English and art at All Saints College for Women, and thoroughly enjoyed studying creative writing under the great Scott Regan. She taught elements of fiction at a community college...

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