Elliot Perlman

  Male      Australian      Author

  Born : May 07, 1964  

About Author

Elliot Perlman (born 7 May 1964) is an Australian author and barrister. He has written three novels and one short story collection.

Perlman is the son of second-generation Jewish Australians of East European descent. Perlman studied law at Monash University in Melbourne, graduating in 1989. He was called to the Bar in 1997, but while working as a judge's associate in the early 1990s he started writing short stories, and won 'The Age' short story competition in 1994.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

In 1994 he won The Age Short Story Award for The Reasons I Won't Be Coming, a short story that later gave the title to his first collection of short stories, published in 1999. In 1998, his first novel, Three Dollars, was published. It won The Age Book of the Year and the Betty Trask Prize. His second novel, Seven Types of Ambiguity, was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award, Australia's most prestigious literary award, in 2004. Perlman's third novel, The Street Sweeper, was published in 2011...

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