Edward Said

  Male      Palestinian      Educator

  Born : Nov 01, 1935  -
  Died : Sep 25, 2003

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Edward Wadie Said (1 November 1935 – 25 September 2003) was a literary theoretician, professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University, and a public intellectual who was a founder of Post-colonialism. Edward W. Said was a Palestinian Arab born in the Jerusalem city of Mandatory Palestine (1920–48), and was an American citizen by way of his father, Wadir Said, a U.S. Army-veteran of the First World War (1914–18); as such, Said publicly advocated for the political and human rights of the Palestinian nation.

As a cultural critic, Said is known for the book Orientalism (1978), a critical analysis of the culturally inaccurate representations that are the bases of Orientalism — the Western study of the Eastern world that presents how Westerners perceive and represent Orientals. That because Orientalist scholarship was and remains inextricably tied to the imperialist societies who produced it, much of the work is inherently political and servile to power, and so is intellectually suspect. The thesis of Orientalism is the politics of discourse applied to the Middle East; the Orientalist discourse arises from a particular, political culture — defined by the presuppositions of the political culture — which, in turn, shape the political culture and the political culture of the subject area...

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