Edgar Quinet

  Male      French      Historian

  Born : Feb 17, 1803  -
  Died : Mar 27, 1875

About Author

Edgar Quinet (French: 17 February 1803 – 27 March 1875) was a French historian and intellectual.Born at
Bourg-en-Bresse, in the departement of Ain. His father, Jérôme Quinet, had been a commissary in the army, but being a strong republican and disgusted with Napoleon's 18 Brumaire coup, he gave up his post and devoted himself to scientific and mathematical study. Edgar, who was an only child, was usually alone, but his mother (Eugenie Rozat Lagis, who was an educated person with strong, albeit original, Protestant religious views) exercised great influence over him.

He was sent to school first in Bourg and then in Lyon. His father wished him on leaving school to go into the army, and then enter a business career. However, Quinet was determined to engage in literature, and after a time got his way when he moved to Paris in 1820...

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