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Dulce Ruby, born on November 16th, is a 24 year old writer, model and adventure seeker. Born and raised in a small town in Arizona, she quickly took interest in the outside world that would soon become her playground. This soon led to her move to New York City where she landed campaigns with Mark Ecko, Timex, and Kiss to name a few! After a few years of working in the industry, it was clear there was more out there for Dulce Ruby, and so she decided to leave the Big Apple and make her way closer to home, made a base in Los Angeles – where she now resides – and has made it her goal to travel, volunteer and record her adventures as much as possible across the globe. She currently has one book in process of being published titled “Golden Mirrors: Enter the Dreamscape” which articulates her mindset as well as her love for manifestation. She is highly influenced by dreams and their power to help bring to life whatever it is you desire most in life – through positive thought and with positive energy, anything is possible!..

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