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Dr. Wil Rose the former CEO of the American Indian Heritage Foundation was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, November 9th 2011.

Dr. Wilbert (Wil) Marion Rose buried with a Military honoring ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 1:00 PM. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee has flown a commemorative flag over the Capitol in honor of his life. The flag was presented to his widow Princess Pale Moon Rose at the Burial ceremony. US Navy Chaplain was there to officiate, Princess Pale Moon sang their wedding song Amazing Grace in Cherokee and English and two sons Michael Rose and John Mark Rose will sing a traditional native flag song with American Indian hand drum. To conclude the ceremony, a rose from every descendant and family member was laid upon the grave, to show honor to his name and his life of service to others...

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