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Dr. Doug Firebaugh is an ordained Apostle, has earned a Doctorate of Divinity and is the Co-Pastor of the Kingdom Power Center, a Global Apostolic and Prophetic Equipping Center for marketplace leaders. He is the Radio Personality of The Millionaire Road daily radio show, a best selling author of multiple books including The Millionaire Road and God Powered Success.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Firebaugh has also worked with dozens of CEO’s and corporate executives as a Consultant, Corporate Trainer, and Entrepreneurial Leadership and Personal Development Coach to the direct selling and home business professions for over 27 years, helping to catalyze over a billion dollars in sales worldwide.

Seasoned in ministry and business, Dr. Firebaugh carries a very unique anointing with a prophetic edge for the marketplace which produces frequent miraculous turnaround and increase through the Power of God wherever he ministers. He is used globally by God in various marketplace and church arenas and gives all glory for the fruit to The Lord Jesus Christ...

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