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Dory Hollander, who grew up in University City, and who became a nationally popular psychologist and author of several successful books, died Thursday, Aug. 4, at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, after a three-year battle with endometrial cancer, family members said. She was 69 and lived in both St. Louis and Arlington, Va.

Ms. Hollander was the youngest of three daughters, and her father was co-owner of a St. Louis TV shop. She graduated from University City High School in 1959, and earned a bachelor's degree from Washington University, a master's degree from DePaul University and her doctorate in psychology from Loyola University. She founded New Options, Inc. and Wise-Workplaces, consulting companies. She lived for a time in Oak Park, Ill., where she owned and operated a health foods store. She was a lifelong advocate for organic food and sustainable development.

Ms. Hollander was an organizational psychologist for corporations and governmental agencies. She used team-building exercises and individual counseling to assist business and governmental executives deal with personnel and management challenges. Among her clients were Monsanto, AT&T, the U.S. State Department and the Federal Reserve Bank. She served as president of the Society of Psychologists in Management and the Missouri and St. Louis Psychological Associations. Widely respected as an expert on workplace issues, Ms. Hollander was often quoted in newspapers, magazines and business publications. She specialized in working with people who were at what she termed "choice points" in their careers...

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