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Divyan Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Keshiha Services, a niche curated e-commerce company based out of New Delhi, India.

Keshiha Services is radically re-defining e-commerce with the launch of India's first ever curated e-commerce brands, Art and Decors and Gizmofashion. With a grand vision for both the brands, Keshiha's sole purpose is to provide best-in-class products and an unparalleled shopping experience.

Art and Decors is all about design oriented affordable luxury shopping for fine arts, chic decors and jewelry. With it's revolutionary and patent-pending ArtView™ technology showcase feature, it lets buyers try the paintings on their own walls before purchasing. And with a product catalog where more than 80% of the products are hardly available either offline or online, it offers access to world class products for today's contemporary shoppers.

Gizmofashion is a one-stop brand for consumer electronic products and accessories from top-of-the-line brands like Apple, Canon, Sony, Tamron, Gitzo, Manfrotto, 3M, Targus, Nikon, Parrot and others.

After 13+ years in senior executive roles in the services industry and working for top Fortune 500 and FTSE 5 companies and clients, Divyan followed his passion for entrepreneurship and set-up Keshiha in 2012. Today both the e-commerce brands of the bootstrapped Keshiha Services continue to garner love and attention as two of the most innovative brands in India...

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