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Dimple Mirchandani has recently started her own venture – Secret Dresser. It might be a good thing that business is in her blood, and she considers herself lucky that her loving and close-knit joint family inculcated in her a strong set of values. Her mother, especially, is a huge influence in Dimple’s life and has been her pillar of strength in all her endeavours.

As a young, trendy Delhiite, Dimple owns several branded outfits and accessories. However, she faced a conundrum while trying to dispose the designer wear she no longer used. They were rarely used and well-maintained, and she could not bring herself to throw them away, nor did she want them lying unused in her wardrobe for years. When she tried giving them to charity, she realised that people preferred functional clothes and not designer wear with a lot of bling. She also knew a lot of friends and acquaintances who faced the same dilemma...

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