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Diksha Lalwani, a yoga teacher who, at 22, felt frustrated, anxious, trapped, unfulfilled, smothered by society’s expectations and didn’t have a clue as to what she wanted in life. She questioned her existence, her choices and finally decided to choose a meandering path even if others thought she was lost.

Diksha trained herself in ‘Hatha’ and ‘Iyenger’ style as this came in her natural flow. With complete dedication and commitment to her practice, she got better and stronger everyday. However, she needed a daily survival plan and Mumbai was clearly out of her reach with her financial situation. So Diksha made her way to Goa, a place with a great yoga scene and affordable living options. Yoga Magic Eco Retreat in Anjuna needed a teacher-cum-assistant manager to run the place and they found Diksha. Here she learned few more styles such as Vinyasa flow and yin yoga, which she incorporated into her practice.

She started her own classes on Ashwem beach where people flocked to learn from her...

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