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Dhairya Pujara is the Founder, CEO for Ycenter. He has created community centered projects in Mozambique and India. As the CEO for Ycenter, he is responsible for building a global ecosystem bringing in corporates, universities, NGOs for creating community solutions. Dhairya is the curator for "Global Shaper Hub Philadelphia" by World Economic Forum. He has been a global TEDx organizer and a sought-after public speaker on entrepreneurship and international development. He delivers keynote and guest lectures in some of the top business schools, conferences around the globe. Dhairya is also on the board of Ycenter comPACT - a new non-profit arm formed under the parent organization Ycenter and on the advisory board for European Commission program LASIN - Latin American Social Innovation network. . In 2015, American Immigration granted him an approval for special category work visa reserved for "an individual of extra-ordinary abilities”...

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