David Wheeler

  Male      British      Scientist

  Born : Feb 09, 1927  -
  Died : Dec 13, 2004

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David John Wheeler FRS (9 February 1927 – 13 December 2004 was a computer scientist at the University of Cambridge.

Wheeler was born in Birmingham and gained a scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge to read the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos, graduating in 1948.

He completed the world's first PhD in computer science in 1951.

Wheeler's contributions to the field included work on the EDSAC and the Burrows–Wheeler transform. Along with Maurice Wilkes and Stanley Gill he is credited with the invention of the subroutine (which they referred to as the closed subroutine), and gave the first explanation of how to design software libraries; as a result, the jump to subroutine instruction is often called Wheeler Jump. He was responsible for the implementation of the CAP computer, the first to be based on security capabilities...

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